Why I Did Not Want Anything For Christmas

This post is why I did not wish for anything for Christmas. Think about first: What is Christmas for you? What is the meaning behind? What do you connect with Christmas? Are Christmas presents a necessity?

Christmas. An event that happens every year again since thousands of years. December is the month full of joy. Waiting for the cards in the mail, decorating your house, Christmas markets mulled wine (Glühwein) and spending time with friends and family. Christmas Eve is that day when God send his son Jesus to us. A Christian event that has been so important one time for everyone but is forgotten more each year today.

My family has never been one that went to church. Still, it was important that we know what these public holidays are about. Also, we have never been the ones who gave each other humongous birthday or Christmas presents. When I was smaller it bothered me – your friends got the newest toy and you “only” a card game? Who would not be bothered at an age of under ten?

Today I know that it did not matter. In the past, I have been jealous. Today I see that my parents made it every day of the year possible that we had everything that we needed. And if we wanted something we had – at least a little bit – to work for it. The result was that my brother and I valued most of our things more than many of our friends. We know that the presents we get are useful, we do not run a day later to the shop and ask if we can return it. While many people got more materialised through the years it did not reach us.

Part-time working at a supermarket I see the changes. Every year the chocolate Santa’s, advent calendars and small gifts come earlier into the shops. Many people do notice it too but do not think about that THEY are the people who can change it. If something does not get bought in that time of the year but later, it may not be in the shops this early in the following year. That is a simple accounting. This phenome does not only happen to the supermarkets, to every other shop, too.

My result was this year to think about what Christmas means to me. With not going to the church for me is Christmas full of family time, relaxing, playing games and a lot of food. Do I really need the Christmas presents? No. I do not. All the things I needed I had already or buy them when I need them.

Yet I had one wish for Christmas: To have a lovely time with my family.

What are your thoughts about it?

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