One True Love: Wattpad – Where Dreams Comes True

Reading is something I could do all day and night. Because of that, I am already a proud owner of my kindle. But after some time even that get expensive if you are buying new books daily and not only borrow them. While searching for another way to read less expensive and also having a huge mass of books and every kind of books that lead me to wattpad. Never heard of it? Then read further!

Reading not only in my foreign language was something I went looking for in 2015 – I cannot believe it is so long ago. That was the time I have been rarely at home, felt safer in the English language and had a lot of time to read. At a library is only so many books you can read and re-read. Same with the books at home. Or the e-books I owned. So, how can I read the same amount or even more with paying less?

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That was something I had to google. Not long after I found my way to the Wattpad Community. At first, I did not know what I found. It looked like a lot of more or less finished books. Writers who never finished their books, covers who looked like the artist tried whatever with paint. I cannot remember a time where I have been sceptical like then.

Over the time being, I learned Wattpad IS a community where everyone can write. Just join and you are free to write about whatever you like. Other people comment, vote and sharing your stories. They help you to improve your writing, your story line. And you give it back with uploading new chapters. Nobody tells you when you have to add a chapter, some writers have schedules others are doing it randomly.

At the beginning, I added book after book to my “library” – she is still overfilled … Every book what looked interesting I added. It was (and still is sometimes) a total chaos – here are a few tips from me for you when using wattpad.

Tips when using wattpad:

  1. Always look for the progress of the book. Is it still in progress, completed or on hold?
  2. Look for the date it was last updated – it helps you a lot for tip 1
  3. How many chapters? Is it a short story or a long one?
  4. Read one or two chapters into it – do you like their writing style?
  5. Sort your books into different sub-libraries – i.e. categories like romance, fantasy
  6. Archive books, when finished, reading!
  7. And delete books you do not like.

What do I love on wattpad? The huge range of topics. Searching for hashtags and you find a billion fitting books. You can read either in English or German or whatever language you speak. You can take wattpad with you – on PC or the app. Maybe not the best thing when being a bookworm but nevertheless possible and on times important – or what are you doing when you are into a thrilling book and just have to read further? Your books are downloaded – you do not need the internet for reading.

And the most important fact for me is that EVERYONE has the chance to write and/or to express their self.


When exam time at university is I always delete the app – what else is better than reading, tidying up or watching Netflix instead of studying?

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