What Happen In … December 2016?

December 2016 is already in the past. And the January 2017 is 10 days in. I know I am late but that is because I had a lot to do. My review for a winter month that did not feel like a winter month is finally done. About running as much I did not dream of, a weird friendship I never thought will happen and just about life happenings.

Along the last few weeks’ university and studying for the exam I had a lot going on.

Boot camp. It all began one cold Sunday, December morning. Way too early I made my way to the boot camp with Jan. Jan is the ying to the yang from Lou. Both together worked a long time as Fit Trio and while Lou is still Fit Trio, he is finally doing his own thing along helping Lou. After 3:30 hours working out, over 2000 burned calories us six girls have been #overandout. That moment I felt I could do more when I was finally home I just wanted to go to bed. Sadly, I do not have any pic to show from this event. Thanks, Jan, to make that possible!

Birthday one. My brother Michel turned finally 18 on the 7th – I have never been so proud as that day! With 5 years between us it was never been easy to connect and we have been so much trouble for our parents. We still are. Him being happy that he can – finally – drive his own car without our parents join him, my parents and me being happy also we went out for dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant “Shikara” in Altona, Hamburg. Just maybe, Michel told me a million times that he can drive alone now. To celebrate him and I bought him a mix beer crate. It contained different kinds of beer you would not buy normally. Each bottle cost around 2-3€. Gladly he liked it – no, he LOVED it. 😀

Meditation. The day after, I meditated for the first time of my life. Lululemon made it together with Community Yoga possible. It was an incredible experience and I never slept so good as in the following night. Definitely, something I will do in 2017 again.

Birthday two. My dad’s birthday happened along the way, too. We went out for dinner – like every birthday from one of us – and ate A LOT of cake! Mom made a delicious blueberry cake – still dreaming about it.

Best friends. The most exciting this month was definitely that my best friend came back! I am so happy about it – it makes a lot easier. I missed to see her every day and have the opportunity to call her whenever I wanted. She spent her exchange semester in Edinburgh, where I visited her in early November.

Christmas. The 24th was the first day after finishing my 5th semester. After (finally) having the time to clean my room and my sorting out my stuff I went to my parents’ house. On days like those, it is perfect that they do not live too far away. We ate Raclette and exchanged our presents. Even after I told my parents that I do not want any kind of presents they got me some. Why I did not want anything you can read here. I spend a lot of time with my family – that is what I wanted to do all the days I spend there. The 25th and 26th I started the day with a long run – best way to start the day. Food, reading and family time was the game plan for the rest of the day. Coming home for Christmas sadly ended for me at the 26th as I had a lot of stuff to do for university between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Birthday three. A friend of work had her birthday, too. We celebrated at the restaurant Sausalito’s with huge burgers and a lot of fries.

Weird friendship. Do you know those people where you think they are crazy when you meet them the first time? Jonas was one of them. Meeting him the first time was when he thought us last year at university. We all thought he was weird. Occasionally we saw each other – happen if your campus is small and everyone knows each other. In November I saw him at a party from his year, the next day he texted me. I told him how it confused me that he wrote me as he did not even get my name right the night before. Soon the texting ended and started a week later again with the out of context question: “do you run a marathon?” I was like “WTF? How did he get that idea?” Jonas saw a running event on facebook (yes, we have been fb friends for forever) I clicked on “interested”. And that was the beginning of a weird friendship I never thought will be a friendship. Together we are going for a run at least once a week, and texting only for the meeting date and time. And 2-3 sentences about whatever. When we run both of us cannot shut up. Soon I will know Jonas’ whole life story and he will know mine. Definitely, a friendship I am thankful for that it had happened in 2016!

New Year’s Eve. How did you celebrate NYE? Together with four friends I spent the evening at Lea’s house. Too much food, a lot of confetti, a hilarious game of “Activity” and a beautiful firework is the summary of that night. It was a kind of NYE I loved. With friends, I met at university and spent the last semester with. With my best friend who is back.

Mix. That has only been a couple of events that had to happen. Also, there was another Alsterrun with Lou, catching up with a friend who is living too far away, running the most km in one month in 2016. As I told you in my review from November 2016 I got a homemade advents calendar from my mom. Filled with a lot of teas she met my taste.

What do I take from December 2016?

I take with me that I can juggle my full schedule when I am working out regularly easier. Having a clear mind helps a lot if you struggle. Also, mediation will be not something I have done once and will never do again. Friends can be people who are weird at the beginning – never huge a book by its cover. Something I always try not to do and yet I have done it.

My January 2017 plans and goals

  • sticking to my previous workout plan
  • finding a new daily structure as I will be back at work (8-4 jobs sucks)
  • catching up with Theresa
  • starting with Kayla Itsines BBG
  • Red Socks Friday Run on the 12th
  • Fit Trio workout at the 14th
  • Studying. Studying.



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