It means a lot to me that you are visiting my blog Aennis Life. Through all my life and much more since I started to be very interested in nutrition and fitness, I came up with a lot of questions. Because I noticed how many of my friends came up with the same I want to try to bring light into the darkness. All those questions and topics came up with the time and I always read a lot about it. Because of that, I do not know most of my sources anymore. I googled, read a lot of books from the library and googled more. I will recommend books, web pages, movies etc. here to help you to get your own opinions and gain your knowledge. Everything I am posting is my opinion, experience and written in my own words. I took the pictures I posted. If one of the above is not the case, I will mention it.

Now more about me:aenni

I am Anni from Hamburg, Germany. I spend a year overseas and improved my English a lot in that time. But nobody is perfect that is why I ask you if you find repeating grammar or spelling mistakes please write me so that I can correct them and learn from those mistakes. Thanks a lot!

I finished school in 2013, went to New Zealand for a year and I am working and studying since 2014. I was always a bit interested in nutrition and sport but never made a move to change my life. It was enough that I went by bike to school and thought about doing sports. That changed in 2013 when I was overseas and gained a lot of weight. I started to go to the gym with friends and later I changed my nutrition step-by-step. Today I can say that I learned a lot about me, being happy & successful and being ME.

On this blog, I want to explain questions, give tips & tricks to change your life and tell you more what helped me. The posts are not always straight about nutrition & fitness, on some days I have wanderlust and want show some pictures from traveling and other days what I have done with friends, family or at the university. All in all, it is about my life and I am happy if you allow me to share it with you! If you ever have questions feel free to leave a comment or write me – I will answer as soon as possible.

One thing you should never forget:

“Be whoever YOU want to be!”