About me

In this section I would like to introduce myself to you. Who am I? Where am I from?

I was born in the beautiful north of Germany, more precisely in Hamburg, and grew up in the village not far from there. Living in my favourite city again since 2014, I write on AENNIS LIFE about sports, food & nutrition, sustainability (Zero Waste / Less Waste). Besides everything else that life has to offer and comes into my head.

I am Annkathrin, somewhere in my 20s and love life. What makes me special?

Friends say that I …

  • very joyful.
  • am open to new things.
  • love any kind of sports. – They got that right. ;)
  • should be a bookworm.
  • mostly just laugh. – Gladly also about myself – if you want to give out, you have to be able to take it!
  • would be quite round without sport, with all that food I eat. Yup. Now you know why I actually do sports…
  • am not the smallest one. – But not the biggest one either!
  • like to be outside. – YES!
  • and I’ve got ants in my pants. – There’s nothing to add to that.

I know my name in the most original spellings – the “standard” spellings are with hyphen or completely apart. Even with only one n and without h I know. The newest one is the one with c instead of k – the things you learn. First of all my name consists of 10 letters and is therefore too long for many people, secondly many people simply cannot remember it and thirdly nobody can spell it correctly, so I am mostly known as Aenni or Anni. “Aenni” is a relic from my time abroad and fitted perfectly when we had several Anni’s at the FH. And so the name of my blog is born.

At some point I graduated from high school, then spent 12 months in beautiful New Zealand before I went on with a dual study program. My best decision was to cancel it and switch to apprenticeship.

New Zealand was the time when I really discovered my love of sport and dealt with the topic of nutrition, as well as started to engage with Instagram. Initially only privately to connect with friends and share content, the platform became a great motivational support for me when I was back in Germany. Following others, sharing my own content – I have always found more and more fun and taken the first steps in the blogger world. In 2014 I started my dual studies, so blogging was just a hobby for me and remained so for the next years.

Then it went uphill and downhill.

2017 was a year in which things went up and down for me. Nevertheless, I have not completely lost my positive attitude or fortunately found it again and I am curious what my future will bring me. 2017 has helped me to show me what went wrong in my life. Fortunately, at the end of the year I was able to pull in the right direction to get myself on the right track.

During this time it became clear to me that sport, nutrition and sustainability are not topics that I would like to deal with “on the side”, that blogging was fun for me throughout and that I would like to deepen and further develop these topics. Writing helps me to sort out my thoughts, to deepen what I have learned and with this I would like to introduce you to my favourite topics sports, nutrition and sustainability.

2018 war für meinen Blog durchwachsen. At the beginning of the year things went uphill and then, due to the final audits, I didn’t have the time to implement the legal claims. During this time the focus was mainly on my profile at Instagram. But now that this has happened, the more the keys are hit!

“A dream you dream alone, is only a dream.

A dream you dream together, is reality.”

– John Lennon