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5 tips for staying fit while traveling


Do you work out or move a lot while traveling? I want to give you my top 5 tips for staying fit while traveling.

„To be on the move“ can mean different things. No matter if you’re on holiday, a business trip or a short getaway – these 5 tips will always help you. This article is part of Blogparade “Fit auf Reisen” – at the end you’ll find other articles linked that are very relevant to this topic.

To be upfront with you: this article isn’t to tell you to stress about getting a workout done everyday. It’s about moving your body.

#1 Do you walk?

Great, that means you can always move anywhere. Tomorrow try to get up a little earlier and explore your new surroundings by fast walking.

I love doing this every time I’m on holiday and I have so many wonderful memories because of it. That way I cold watch the sun rise above the sea in Faro (Portugal). If I had slept in I wouldn’t have seen it. In Cologne I found an ally and jogged next to the rhine-river, with no one else around. How beautiful is it, watching the world awaken?

#2 Gym

You like working out in a gym? Most of the time that habit is easily maintained. Before the start of your trip you can check whether your hotel has a gym or whether there is one close by. Most of the time you can trial train there for free. There’s also different apps that offer cheap “day-passes” for gyms.

My first time bouldering. Here in Nuremberg – it’s possible and lot’s of fun with friends.

#3 going for a walk, riding a bike or hiking

If you want to go from A to B you do not have to take public transport or an Uber. Might I suggest you at least walk part of it? Or maybe take a bike? In most German cities you can finde city-bikes and many places that rent bikes.

If you’re someplace where tourists visit to go hiking, maybe take a look at that hiking map. Often enough there is easy routes, perfect for beginners. Take a look and let me know how you did!

My friends like to make fun of me because I would always love to walk everywhere. But there’s just so many advantages in walkig! Movement helps you relax, your body is active and you can see so much more of your surroundings.

#4 free events

There’s many interesting events you can easily find via Facebook. And many of them are active events, for example beach yoga, running groups, basketball, volleyball – I’ve never been disappointed so far.

A friend and I joined one of the free workouts hosted by a local radio station with the most wonderful views.

#5 Online-Videos

You take your phone with you, right? That’s why I give you the tip to search YouTube for workouts. You will find a lot – but don’t worry about it. Just try the different yoga flows, HIIT workouts and whatever else there is. I’m sure there is something just for you. You can workout in your hotel room, at the beach, a sports field or wherever.

Nobody expects you to do all of them. No one expects you to workout every day. However you could easily walk instead of taking a bus.

Besides the working out part there’s also the food intake part: the food. You shouldn’t restrict yourself. I know from my business trips that we went to restaurants all the time. On holiday we eat so much because there’s so many new options. Try to opt for the “lighter” meal every now and then. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to always eat salad. Maybe have some yogurt with oats for breakfast instead of a bun with butter and chocolate spread.

How do you keep fit and moving while traveling? Do you make it a priority or do you just see how you go?

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