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6 simple tips for more movement in your everyday life


How many steps do you take every day? If you’re in an office job and go there by car it’s probably not that many. Here’s my 6 tips for more movement in your everyday life!

Every person takes 4.900 steps a day on average. This study Studie (2017) analyzed the step count of 720.000 people form 111 countries for 95 days. In Germany the average is a bit higher. It’s 5.200 steps a day.

That’s still pretty far from the recommended 10.000 daily steps you probably heared of. Especially if you’re working long hours in the office your daily step count might only show 2.000 to 3.000 steps at the end of the day – which is even below the average.

Reducing the risk of getting sick by taking more steps

The more you move, the better your body is fighting those germs and staying healthy. More movement lowers the ris for…

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • a heart attack
  • or even a stroke

. Movement is very good for your back as well.

Reducing stress by moving your body

Aerobic movement reduces stress. Aerobic movement is low in intensity so that you could still have a conversation while moving your body. It also enhances your mood. Why is that? If you’re stressed out your cortisol level is rather high. Cortisol is a stress hormone. You balance these by flexing and relaxing the muscles. Experts are divided about whether that is only achieved by endurance sports like running or also by practicing yoga. In my opinion the type of sport doesn’t matter. It’s important to me that you move your body – no matter the type of sport.

However it is important that movement doesn’t cause stress. Start by applying some of the following tips into your day-to-day life. If you want more that’s fine. Try not to demand to much from yourself, start with 1-2 sessions per week.

More movement in your everyday life – that’s how you do it

#1 Use public transportation

You can walk steps by taking the bus or train. The steps you have to get from your home to the station, between stopovers and to your final destination all count. If you live outside of the city without any obvious public transportation options, you could still check out, if there is something possible. It saves a lot of money and nerves – especially if you’re working in the city center.

If you’re living on the countryside you can take a car or bike to the suburbs. Park your vehicle or bike at the station and use public transport.

#2 get off one station early

This one is rather easy to do. Push that “stop”-button, get off the train/tram or bus and breath in the fresh air. One, two or even three stations early and you sure meet your step goal every day. It might be those 1.000 – 2.000 steps you are usually missing.

For me getting off one station earlier equals about 5 minutes of walking. I think about how much time I have and take those steps.

#3 go see your colleague

Your colleagues are sitting next door but you still call them whenever you need something? Time to build new habits! Take the chance to get up and to move. Remember: From the tiny acorn, grows the mighty oak. A few steps closer to that goal!

#4 take the stairs

Whenever I give this tip I hear the excuse: “But that’s 7 floors!” First of all: that is only an excuse, no one expects you to go from walking zero to climbing stairwells of 7 floors. Or carry all your groceries up the stairs. However you can start by walking 2-3 floors before taking the elevator. Try to stay away from escalators whenever you can. Change those tiny habits.

Another small tip: walking downstairs is easier than upstairs. Walking down 7 floors is way easier than up.

#5 music + dancing = love and many more steps

Put on your favorite playlist, turn the volume up and dance around your home. Don’t think, just do it. No one’s watching so no one’s judging. You are on your own and for a moment you could forget about the world . Dancing can be therapeutic. And it definitely gets you closer to that step-goal.

#6 YouTube – the new gym

Youtube offers plenty of great opportunities to incorporate more movement into your daily life. There’s hardly anything Youtube doesn’t offer and that goes for sport as well. No matter if you want to do slow-paced yoga, challenging workouts or maybe a zumba class. You will find anything!

Here’s what I can recommend:

I try to incorporate these 5 tips into my daily life as often as possible. Sometimes that works really well, other times not at all. But it’s the only way I can get to +/- 10.000 stpes per day. Especially while traveling it can get hard – because you usually don’t have a routine. To set you up for that next trip, I wrote down 5 Tipps for you.

How do you get more movement into your daily life? What’s your tips and tricks?

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