Delicious cheese-corn-patties – perfect for on the go

Perfect for times when things have to go fast again, these cheese-corn-patties are. They are also so infinitely delicious and versatile. Whether as a whole meal or as a side dish – everything is possible! For this purpose, they are very suitable for takeaway for on the go – whether for work, university or for the next barbecue with friends.

The cheese-corn-patties can be prepared by anyone – I’m pretty sure about that. You don’t have to be a full professional in the kitchen. With just a few simple steps you have mixed the ingredients together and can fry them immediately in the pan.

Many possibilities for the cheese-corn-patties

As already mentioned, they are very diverse. On the one hand in terms of the ingredients, because in addition to the variant listed here, you can also add other vegetables. How about peppers or onions? Or with different cheeses?

On the other hand, they are also used in many different ways. So you can eat them with quark or hummus perfect for dinner as a whole meal, as a side dish to salad or other dishes. When grilling with friends, they are also a welcome companion.

I have been told that the cheese-corn-patties are also very well received by children. Because they are so quick and easy to make, the children can help with mixing the ingredients and thus be involved in the preparation of food. Pizzas are suitable for such a thing – prepare the dough beforehand and roll out and cover the individual together with the children.

I like to make the cheese-corn patties as Meal Prep for the coming week. According to my experience, they last a few days and can be easily reheated in the microwave. Then a dip, bottled in a glass, and my lunch break can come!

Why do I find them really good? There is only one answer to this: cheese.




Prep Time: 5 minutes
15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 1 egg
  • 200 ml plant milk
  • 100 g spelt flour
  • ½ tsp natron
  • 140 g corn
  • 4 tsp cheese grated
  • 4 tbsp chives
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


  • Beat the egg into a bowl and add the milk. Mix both well with a fork.
  • Add the flour and the baking soda. Mix until a smooth dough is obtained.
  • Next, add the grated cheese, corn and chives.
  • Heat a pan with a little oil. Using a tablespoon, add small circles of dough. Fry the mini pancakes for about 1-2 minutes on both sides. When they are golden brown, they are perfect.
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Enjoy your meal!


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