The DIY Cheatday Box

Do you know that feeling when your grocery shopping and you see something new what doesn’t fit in your nutrition at the moment but you want to try it? If you know that your cheat day is too far away to remember that? If you have something in your head and you, want to buy it? If you see something that is only limited and your cheat day is long after the limited version is sold out? Or if you have some sweets, cookies, etc. at home and every time you see it in your cupboard you want to eat it?

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Recipe: Homemade Pasta

Every time when I’m in the supermarket and need to buy pasta I’m thinking about to make them by myself. I heard (and read) a lot about how easy that should be. And how often did it happen, that I wanted to cook pasta on a Sunday and did not had any at home? Too often. And how often do you have no idea what are the ingredients in the bought ones? So, here is the recipe for homemade pasta.

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