What Happen In … December 2016?

December 2016 is already in the past. And the January 2017 is 10 days in. I know I am late but that is because I had a lot to do. My review for a winter month that did not feel like a winter month is finally done. About running as much I did not dream of, a weird friendship I never thought will happen and just about life happenings.

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One True Love: Wattpad – Where Dreams Comes True

Reading is something I could do all day and night. Because of that, I am already a proud owner of my kindle. But after some time even that get expensive if you are buying new books daily and not only borrow them. While searching for another way to read less expensive and also having a huge mass of books and every kind of books that lead me to wattpad. Never heard of it? Then read further!

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Recipe: Filled Hokkaido Pumpkin

Known as red Kuri squash or Hokkaido pumpkin is that pumpkin a typical autumn seasonal food. The orange/red flash has a very delicate and mellow chestnut-like flavour. You can not only eat the flash but also the skin. Used for many different kinds of meals I filled him and backed him in the oven. He is also a good one to cut into pieces and make pumpkin fries of it.

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